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Document archiving in Germany

2018-12-08 Saturday 20:37 UTC

How long to keep documents and in what form in Germany? Privat Tax documents as long as tax assessment not passed Insurance documents as long as insurance is running Proof of purchase for 2 years of legal warranty (or longer) Bank statement for up to 3 years (digital is enough) Craftsmen bills for 5-10 years if contracts for work labour All documents needed for pensions till start eg. ... Read more  

Bike - The commute of the modern hipster

2018-11-06 Tuesday 18:40 UTC

Collected knowledge about bikes and a guide to buy one. It will be continuously updated and aims at a low maintenance bike for daily commutes in the city. TOC Parts Frame Gear Chainset Break Light Tires and rims Handlebar Equipment Manufactorer Buy Measure Test Press Community Club Parts Source: 1, 2, 3, 3 ... Read more  

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