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2017-02-26 Sunday 12:02 UTC

This list was started in search for the right architecture to develop a cross-platform tool, which I needed badly for myself. As I’m working private and commercially with the tool, I need support for all three mayor operating systems Linux, Windows and OS X.

First of all there is always a Wikipedia list around. Next I then started by researching how tools I liked are developed. I looked for my favorite apps and how they are build for example the all famous Sublime Text editor, which is developed in C++ as stated here. Another big one these days it Slack and Franz which are both made with JavaScript and Electron. Last but not least there is the obvious choice of using Java.

After a bit of research I cam up with the following list:




  • Electro - Successor of NW.js and used for Franz and Slack, JavaScript inside Chromium
  • NW.js

Now that you read that far - thank you and please remember, if you find a bug or want to recommend something, please feel free to open an issue and help me get better!

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