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2018-11-04 Sunday 08:00 UTC

This blog post is a continuously updated collection of insights into organisational psychology.



Adam Grant - Givers, Takers, Matcher 1

  • Takers
    • Self serving (What can you do for me)
    • People you dont want
  • Givers
    • What can I do for me
    • Worst performers (help others first)
    • Burn out, have to be protected
    • Prefer culture were help seeking it the norm
  • Machers

    • You give me something I give something
    • Most people
    • Take down Takers
  • Agreeable or not

    • Disagreeable givers is what you want
    • Agreeable Givers not good
  • Name of 4 people your carrier you influenced

    • Takers name people below there position
    • Givers name people above them

Work design

Cloxit - The dispute about the right time in Europe (Deutschlandfunk) 1

  • Chronobiology - Dr. Achim Kramer - Charite
    • Abolition of the time change
    • Permanent introduction of normal time aka Central European standard time
    • Shift work increases health risk

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